Gaura Purnima Celebration at ISKCON Pondicherry

Gaura-Purnima-at-ISKCON-PondicherryEveryone was given an opportunity to float in the ocean of mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu with day long programs organised at the temple. Over 450 devotees gathered to relish nectarian Gaura Lila, witness grand abhishek to the deities of Sri Gaura Nitai, participate in melodious kirtan, enjoy a skit on Mahaprapu's pastime and honour sumptuous Mahaprasadam.
All were privileged to have the presence of HG Mahasundar prabhu who gave a wonderful class on glorious of chanting the word "Gauranga" by quoting reference from various scriptures.
Devotees renewed their commitment to chanting the Holy Names with continued enthusiasm soaking in as much mercy as they could.

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