Narsimha Caturdasi Celebration 2012

narasimha-chaturdasiNarsimhaCaturdasi, the appearance day of Lord Narsimha, the protector of the devotees, was celebrated by ISKCON Puducherry on 5th may 2012 at ArumugamThirumanaMandapam, Puducherry. The form of Lord Narsimhadeva is especialy merciful to His devotees, who pray very hard to Him for protection from ignorance and freedom from fear in their devotional lives. The devotees fasted for the day and enthusiastically chanted the Lord’s names. The evening program started with the Tulsi Puja for the peace and well being of all and was attended by several well-wishers and devotees.This was followed by the lecture on the appearance of Narasimhadev was delivered by H.G. Sarvanandaprabhu. Vedic scriptures mention that anyone who takes the darshan of the Lord’s abhishek does not have to return to this material world again. Congregation members, life members and visitors had darshan of the Lord in Their exquisite outfits and participated in the festivities wholeheartedly. The devotees took this opportunity to fervently pray to the Lord to remove all their anarthas and ended their fast at dusk with a sumptuous feast prepared for all!

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