Rama Navami – 2013 Celebrations in ISKCON Pondicherry

ram-navami-201Ram Navami-2013 was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm & devotion in ISKCON Puducherry on 20th April 2013, Saturday. The temple deity Sri Sri Radha Madhav decorated nicely with lot of fowers and Shri Sita-Ram-Laxman-Hanuman pictured in the altar. This year Rama Navami special in ISKCON Puducherry is installation of HDG A.C. Bhakthivedanta Swami Prabhupada murthi in the temple.
The program started with Guru Puja to Srila Prabhupada, followed by Thulsi puja, Gaura arathi and lecture on Rama Lilla is given by H. G. Sarvananda Prabhu, Temple Manager. The Lecture on Ram-lila took the audience into history, thousands of years back, when these incidents actually happened. Finally the programme end up with Maha-prasadham.
Thank you very much to one and all for all your contribution in terms of blessings, good wishes, attendance, voluntary services, sponsorships, etc. to make this program a grand success. The happiness on the faces of all who assembled was the testimony to this. Volunteers were focused to serve the Supreme Lord & His devotees forgetting their personal comfort and with pure & selfless motivation.
Shri Ramchandra Bhagavan ki Jai !!!!!

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