Sri Rama Navami Celebration on 08 April 2014

Lord Rama

Dear Devotees and Friends,
We would like to invite you all for “Sri Rama Navami” – The Divine Appearance of Lord Ramachandra!

Who is Lord Ramachandra?
Lord Ramachandra is an avatar of the Supreme Personality of Godhead as an ideal king. He appeared more than two million years ago.
Please come and hear about Him and receive unlimited blessings

The  Ramanavami  celebration observes the birth of Lord Rama, and is one of the most auspicious days in the Vaisnava calendar.  Lord Rama is an incarnation of the Supreme Lord who appeared on this earth several millennia ago. He appeared in the Treta-yuga, more than two million years ago. Under the order of His father, Maharaja Dasharatha, Lord Ramachandra lived in the Dandakaranya forest for fourteen years, along with His wife, Sita Devi, and His younger brother, Lakshmana. After the powerful demon Ravana kidnapped His wife, Lord Ramachandra retrieved her, with the help of His faithful servant Hanuman, and killed Ravana along with Ravana's armies. The history of Lord Ramachandra's pastimes is recounted by the sage Valmiki in his Ramayana.Devotees fast till sunset. During His activities while on Earth, Lord Rama demonstrated high moral values and acted as the perfect son, student, brother, husband and King.  His extraordinary adventure is marvellously depicted  in the famous epic The Ramayana.

At ISKCON Pondy, celebrations for Ramanavami include special decorations, discussion of Lord Rama’s pastimes, special Aarati, Kirtan and sumptuous feast Prasadam for all.

All glories to Lord Ramachandra!